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Schenkenberg makes good Estonian jewellery for good people

What is Schenkenberg?

The Schenkenberg enterprise was founded in 2005 for handicraft production of typical Estonian silver and bronze jewellery and popularisation of old Estonian art and culture of jewellery among Estonians and visitors to our country. We thus also strive to promote the lifestyle of the centuries long gone and familiarise people with Estonian history and archeology. Our product range includes both exact replicas of many items on display at Estonian museums and private collections and jewellery modelled after archeological and ethnographic adornments.

Why Schenkenberg?

Estonians primarily associate the name Schenkenberg with Ivo (Iwo, Iwenn) Schenkenberg, leader of the Tallinn cohort during the Livonian War, immortalised as a villain in the widely popular Estonian film titled Viimne reliikvia /The Last Relic/. Less known is the fact that Ivo’s father was Christoffer Schenkenberg, master coin minter working in Tallinn, who made coins for the city of Tallinn and the local landowners from 1528 until 1555 or 1556, the approximate time of his death. His son Ivo was also to become a coin mint master and a silversmith.
OÜ Schenkenberg now makes replicas of the coins minted in Old Livonia during the Livonian War and elsewhere at other times, turning them into jewellery. Our main output comprises replicas of such jewellery items that were widely used in the past without strong connections to a certain epoch but have by now become rare.